Add Prints for $195

Add prints of any still frames from your slomo video on a photo strip, customized to match the theme of your event.
** 50% deposit required upon booking. Deposits and final payments are non-refundable, but in the event that you must cancel, your deposit or package price paid, may be used as a credit for a future date. Your payment and or deposit is acknowledgement of these terms in lieu of a signed contract.

Interested in adding a Slow Motion Photo Booth Rental to your next event?

We'd love to help you out!

What is Slomo Booth? The latest and greatest trend in the photo booth industry. 
Combining the latest technology with the timeless fun of the photo booth – this new concept will bring a wild – interactive and addicting guest experience. 

Is there event customizing? Absolutely! One of our graphic designers will create a photo border that is unique and specially made for your event. 

Advanced High Speed Camera – Our Cameras Shoot up to 120fps In Full HD! The camera that we send out with each of our booths produces stunning slow motion clips. It is a custom design, and is the size of a Rubik’s cube! Shooting 160fps in 1080p HD, this camera is like nothing else on the market and it speaks for itself! Some people are trying to do a Slow Motion Photo Booth with a GoPro which isn’t meant for controlled environments and has too wide of a lens; or even worse, a DSLR which only shoots at 60fps (Hardly High Speed). There is no comparison to our custom High Speed Camera, and after watching our demo videos, we’re sure you’ll agree! Workflow – Much More Fun Than A Standard Photo Booth, And Faster! 

The Slow Motion booth work flow is much more exciting than a standard photo booth! Users get to create a video, re-watch it, and then pick stills from it for a beautiful print on high-quality photo paper, after which they can share with the world!

Social Media Integration – Facebook, Twitter, Email, and More! Revolutionize the way guest’s interact with Social Media at Photo Booths by introducing innovative new features! One of our most exciting is the ability to have your companies Twitter account send a Tweet to the guest with Photo Booth Images/Videos!! This is great for everyone, guest’s no longer have to type in their login information and you get the exposure of the guest’s re-tweeting your Companies account with their videos and photos. 

Will a Slomo booth be right for my event? 
Absolutely! Everyone loves seeing things in slow motion!
What if my guests are shy? 
trained, knowledgeable, and friendly Event Specialists will be on site to assist guests through the process and provide choreography as needed. Since our booth is an open space concept not only do you get to watch all of the other groups participating, you can squeeze in a ton of people to fit in each video – comfort in numbers is a good thing! 

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slomo booth

A Photo Booth is always fun, but why not step it up a notch and make everything look better in slow motion? We will setup the booth and once the event begins, you can slomo all you like! Watch all your co-workers, friends or family look amazing in slow motion!

Users get to create a video, re-watch it, and then pick stills form it for a beautiful print on high-quality photo paper, after which they can share with the world! Does it get much better than that? Also, everything is happening in real time, so in most cases our SloMo booth process is quicker than that of a traditional photo booth which mean increased productivity!


$1200 gets you:

  • 3 hours of coverage during your event
  • Instant Slow Motion playback
  • Instant Social Media sharing
  • All kinds of crazy props
  • A Fully edited video cut to a song of your choice
  • Instant previews of all slomo takes